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After 14 and a half innings of scoreless baseball, Oscar Gonzalez said that's enough. And he knew it immediately.

Look at the swagger. The no look walk-off, an unprecedented yet legendary move. And special thank you to former Indians great, Corey Kluber, for serving that one up. I'm not saying he gifted his former team a trip to the ALDS, but I'm not not saying it. Once a Clevelander, always a Clevelander.

And let me say this: I'm not going to listen to one word about the Guardians hitting right now. We just played 21 innings with the Rays and gave up ONE RUN. You cannot lose if the other team doesn't score. Defense wins championships. That's a fact. Another fact is we may have just played 100 innings today but now we get to rest while everyone else finishes up. I don't know what the plan was going to be for Game 3, but it doesn't matter anymore. We are now locked in one Game 1 vs. the Yankees, and I could not be more fired up. I want the Yankees. And I know this team wants them, too.

Cleveland vs. New York. Good vs Evil. #28 payroll in baseball vs. #3. And I feel GREAT about our chances. I cannot wait.