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After Getting Their Shit Pushed in by Mississippi State, Sam Pittman Said Arkansas Just Wanted to Get to a Bowl Game This Year

Arkansas was ranked No. 10 in the country two weeks ago. But having now lost its last three games after a 40-17 drubbing from Mississippi State on Saturday, Sam Pittman says all the Razorbacks ever wanted to do this season was get to six wins and a bowl game.

No matter what, this is an unreal thing to say. Either Pittman is just straight-up lying and trying to shift the goal posts after a three-game losing streak or it's true and a preseason top 10 team actually has a coach who just wanted to win six games. I don't know which is worse.

If I was an Arkansas player, this quote would really piss me off. I don't know how you take this guy seriously trying to prepare for games the rest of the season.

It turns out everybody's SEC darling the last couple years might not have been all they were cooked up to be, after all. Luckily for Pittman, the Hogs just need three more wins to achieve their goal for this season.