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Watch Jose Ramirez Save The Guardians In The 12th Inning With This Absurd Web Gem (LIVE BLOG)

This game could very easily go 27 innings and I really mean that. Easily. Never seen so much good pitching and defense. And to be fair the hitters are putting some decent swings together. It's just a matter of dominant pitching. From Tyler Glasnow to Drew Rasmussen and everyone inbetween. Just look at these box scores:

Just a couple more thoughts: 

- Thankfully this was the 11am game because I couldn't take this shit at 8pm. Give me an extra inning game deep into the October night. 

- Cleveland plays the Mario power up sound effect every time a hitter strikes out and that's awesome. A good sound effect goes a long way. Walks should get fart noises. I'm open to suggestions

- Jose Ramirez just made another nice play as I'm about to hit publish. When does this stuff end? 

- I am John Buccigross: 

- I'm taking Jose Ramirez with a walk off pop.