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The Big Ten Officials That Botched A Clear Offsides On A Key Maryland Extra Point Should Be Thrown In Jail

What a joke. What a fucking joke. 

Let me set the scene here for a brief second. Tie game, about 8 minutes left. 2nd half has been a defensive rock fight for both sides. Maryland is able to punch one in and take the lead in a game that presents a MASSIVE opportunity for the program. They're 4-1 facing a respectable Purdue team and have a bit of an easy rest of October in front of them with Indiana, Northwestern, and Wisconsin on deck. Great opportunity to potentially go into Happy Valley at 8-1 and try to get a program-altering win there and/or the next week against Ohio State. They put together that massive drive to take the lead and the officials botch a clear and obvious offsides call.

It's right there in front of you. If you're the line judge, you have a clear view right down that LOS and it's virtually impossible to miss that call. It's not lost on me that the angle from behind the goalposts can skew our view of the timing but that is just so clear and obvious.

Sure enough, Purdue drives down the field, scores their touchdown, kicks their extra point, and is in the drivers seat. As I'm typing this, the Terps find a way to drive down the field and punch one in, are forced to go for 2, CONVERT IT BUT ARE FLAGGED FOR ILLEGAL MAN DOWNFIELD ON A ROLLOUT WHERE THE MAN "DOWNFIELD" IS NOWHERE NEAR THE PLAY, and fail to convert on the 2-pt attempt from the 8. 

Absolute hose job. Throw these guys in jail. There were numerous questionable calls in the Terps' only other loss at #4 Michigan in a game where the Wolverines should have no need for help from the stripes. It's a pattern and it's rubbish.

Maryland has a reputation for getting in their own way. Happens every year. It's really tough to change that narrative when you've finally got a formidable team and have to overcome the nonsense Big Ten officials have thrown at them this year.

Throw em in jail.