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Larry David Has Maryland Pride.

The crossover I've waited my entire life for.

Short, simple, to the point, and Larry David through and through.

I don't know that a lot of people are aware that LD graduated from Maryland. There are so many Terps out there that flaunt their Terp-ness (SVP chief among them) and LD is just not one of them. I'm a Curb stan, seen every episode a half dozen times and there is virtually no mention in the show of Larry's college days. I want to say there's an indirect mention at one point, but never anything about Maryland specifically.

It's led me to believe for a lot of years that LD simply did not have Maryland pride. Now we know.... reluctantly, maybe even begrudgingly... Larry David has Maryland pride.

Hopefully more where that came from.

God bless Larry David and god bless the Terps.