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Draymond Is Officially 'Stepping Away From The Team', Which Is Actually Just A Serious Way Of Saying He's Missing The Preseason

Everything about this is perfect. First, it's happening right during the opening window of college football. I know you can't necessarily help the time of news, but doing this when people just aren't paying attention is smart. Second, Draymond saying he's stepping away from the team to heal is perfectly hilarious. It's preseason/training camp. I wouldn't want to practice or go through preseason games either. Let me know when the season starts. I'll be there a couple days before. 

Again, the punch was brutal as shit: 

Love that Draymond said he watched it 15 times. That's a vet of the game taking notes in case he has to throw a punch again. Maybe taking notes on if he wants to punch someone not in the jaw. Unclear really. But he sat there watching it 15 times for some reason. Brutal each time. That was a clean punch to the jaw too. 

I even agree with Draymond. It's bullshit that someone leaked that video, but someone wanted to get paid or really hates him. Only two reasons for that to get out. But the fact is Draymond is missing some practices. Shit, look at this quote

Ring night is October 18. There are 3 preseason games before then. Plenty of time for him just to be the guy who punched Jordan Poole in those 10 days.