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Credit Where Credit Is Due, Saturday Night Live Had A Nice Bounceback This Week

We destroyed SNL last week after premiering with an all time bad episode, rife with bootlegged sketches and washed up attempts at comedy.

So this week, when they had an Irish guy I’ve never heard of, Brendan Gleeson, on to host. Along with Will and Jada’s most talented offspring, Willow, to musically perform (blog to follow), it was safe to assume it would be another dud.

But turned out Brendan Gleeson was hilarious. (Also turns out I’m an idiot and he’s big time in Europe, and probably going to win an Oscar this year for his upcoming film “The Banshees of Inisherin”)

And Weekend Update was great (minus the black Ariel part which was super awkward.)

Colin Jost and his Biden joke, and Michael Che’s black guys joke were as edgy as SNL has been in years. And what do you know? It worked?

Even for as corny as the Latin baseball player thing was, the new guy Marcello Hernandez did a good job being over dramatic with the physical comedy depicting Latin American baseball players over the top flair -

The writing seemed like it had the censors taken off this week, and between the Velma coming out as a lesbian jokes, and the aforementioned Biden and fat white girls jokes, Weekend Update once again seemed to tip toe the offensive line perfectly. Which had been their recipe all through the Kevin Nealon, David Spade, Dennis Miller, and Norm McDonald years.

The only lame part of it was the Ariel segment but even that deserves some credit for taking a risk and trying to be offensively funny and point fun at sensitivity. It just flopped executionally.

There was another couple really random skits that I may have been laughing at because I was high, but whatever.

This one because this girl seems nuts in actual life. Might be somebody to watch

And this one because it reminded me of the first time I saw Monty Python, a substitute history teacher played it for us in like 6th grade and I laughed my ass off.

It wasn’t the funniest episode of all time, but little wins count now that the bar is so low. Baby steps.