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It's These Sort Of Fake Field Goals That Make You Simply Fall In Love With MACtion

Could this happen elsewhere? Sure. But it didn't. It happened during a MAC game because it's only fitting. These are the sort of plays that just make you embrace MACtion life with the only exception of this taking place on a Saturday afternoon and not a Tuesday night. 

I almost went with the difference of MAC to Big 12/SEC because of this: 

But Oklahoma fucking stinks and that would be mean to the MAC and Bowling Green. That said, I can't love this play enough. Getting your kicker out in space only for him to barely be able to run straight is perfect. The ball just bouncing as he lays there makes it even better. The random block in the back that had 0 to do with the touchdown? Even better. 

MACtion baby. This is where you fall in love. 

PS: Our boy John Rich is out at BG today. If you're around check it out: