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Being a Teacher And Letting Your Class Watch Live Sports is a 10/10 Move

School absolutely blows. It sucks even more when sports are happening during the day and you're stuck learning something stupid like how write in script. No bigger lie is told to us growing up more than the importance of script. They make it seem like writing normal letters will get you casted out by society. Total malarkey.  

Well when your teacher decides they're gonna show some compassion for a change it's the best feeling ever. That may come in the form of going outside and playing kickball, maybe a pizza party, or in this instance watching live sports. Euphoria. I'm assuming it wasn't a surprise considering one student showed up in fucking baseball pants, but still what a day to be a kid in that class. Get through some real teaching stuff in the morning, have some lunch, and then settle in for some playoff baseball. W 

I had one teacher growing up who would throw on March Madness during the first few days and it was paradise. I'm not sure other adults understood how much respect you earn as being the "fun" teacher. Talking to other students who had tests that day was like having a conversation with someone in jail. You can save the lesson/test you had planned for another day. Let the kids watch their beloved Mariners play in their first playoff game in over 20 years.