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Indiana Basketball Has Fallen Off So Bad Their 'Moment Everyone Will Remember' (Their Words) Is Mike Woodson Swearing Last Night

This is the moment everyone will remember? I guess? I mean Indiana hasn't done shit since Mike Davis made a title game. I guess if you want to give them the year they were a No. 1 seed and then collapsed against a zone. This is just who Indiana is now. They have to make popcorn boxes to celebrate the Wat Shot (while forgetting they lost to the same team when it mattered). They have to get all jazzed up because their coach says they are the shit. 

I mean, no? What kid outside of those in French Lick and Bloomington want to go to Indiana? They aren't close to being this awesome program (like they should be). And hey, good for Indiana bringing back TJD who is a damn good player. Can't even spin zone him. He's just good. And credit to Indiana for getting a couple 5-stars coming in, but there's always a difference in 5-stars. That's the one thing people always need to remember. The last 5-star isn't the same as the first 5-star. 

They were a play-in team last year in the NCAA Tournament. Even if they take a massive jump you're looking at like a 5 seed? Something around there? Great for a year, but will it be consistent? Is this really what Indiana has to celebrate now?