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Chiclets Etc. Will Be Covering All Things Wild And Whacky In The World Of Hockey

The Chiclets Etc. podcast is officially here and the name may change, but the premise of the show will remain the same. We will talk all things hockey inside the locker room and outside the locker room from around the world. Yes, we will always be talking about the NHL in some way or another but we also want to take time for the wild and whacky parts of the game that maybe go unnoticed.

The AHL is only one step away from the show, but that doesn't stop some wild things going on in the mineseeys,  The condor before the puck drop in Bakersfield of is an all-timer.

This guy in Russia was definitely sipping on a bottle of Pink Whitney before he pulled this stunt!

One thing Biz loved was the mini truck delivering the puck for the opening face-off in Timrå Sweden. Most of these things are done in Europe or the minor leagues in an attempt to raise money with sponsors and sell tickets.

RA dug deep into the internet to find this one of an old-timer having a rough go.

Here are a few others that we would talk about and are must-watch!

Gronk playing dodgeball!

Ride 'em, Cowboy!

We need more of this kind of stuff including crazy antics from the Beers leagues and youth leagues, so please comment and share your whacky stories.

Everybody Rides!!!

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