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NEW SCANDAL ALERT: Competitive Irish Dancing Involved In A Major Dance-Fixing Cheating Scandal

Charles McQuillan. Getty Images.

CNN - The world’s oldest and largest competitive Irish dancing organization has launched an investigation after being hit by allegations of competition fixing, warning “unethical behavior cannot and will not be tolerated.”

In a statement posted on its website on Thursday, the Irish Dancing Commission said its ethics committee had received “allegations, with supporting documentation, of several grievous breaches of our Code of Conduct” in July of this year.

The commission did not specify what kind of breaches were alleged, though local media reported they were related to accusations of competition fixing. The Irish Independent broke the news of the allegations in an exclusive investigation published on Wednesday.


My good gracious, Mary and Joseph, is nothing sacred anymore??? First the chess scandal where the homie was putting vibrating anal beads up his b-hole in order to beat the best player in the world.

And then the fish scandal, where the fellas were putting led weights into the fish so they weighed more.

Next came the ongoing poker cheating scandal where a player called off with Jack-high and may have been in cahoots with an employee who had access to the other players cards.

And now competitive Irish dancing?!?!? Where does it end?!? Where does the madness stop?!?! What is next?! Nana's Thursday night Mahjong game? World Cornhole Championships???? Competitive Donkey Kong?!?!…oh wait…..

All it seems to me is if you're involved in anything competitive, someone is trying to cheat. Doesn't matter what it is, there's a bad guy out there looking to get an edge. Like, we've long known boxing is a little haywire. Nobody is ever surprised to hear that. But we were shocked when we found out NBA ref Tim Donaghy was fixing games. (Which by the way, it's INSANE how that was swept under the rug. Like yeah it's still sorta talked about here and there, but we hear about steroids in baseball 10000x more than we hear that Donaghy was literally calling fouls on dudes and changing the course of history, affecting millions of dollars in NBA salaries, etc.). It's simply crazy how much cheating exists in every corner of ever competitive competition, from the big time leagues down to competitive Irish dancing. Nothing is safe.

So here I am, on my couch on a Friday, stunned and bummed. I thought I could just sit down with a cup of tea enjoy the Irish Dancing Championship, but even that is rigged. Guess I'll just listen to the newest episode of Cracking Aces where we break down the newest twists and turns of the poker cheating scandal. Faked DMs?!? Shit gets weirder and weirder every minute.