For Immediate Release - I’m Back

Hubbs, please post this blog. Thank you.

Hi everyone, long time no talk around these parts. Since blogging has been a hot topic around the office recently I thought I’d check in. In all honesty I miss blogging, I really do. There’s something about writing about a topic and finding an angle that used to be the best. I actually dream about retiring someday and just going back to being a Blogger. Unfortunately with Football season I have very few free minutes in my week. For instance I’m writing this blog on my phone on the car ride down to Rutgers for the College Football Show. Hubbs was nice enough to post it for me partially because I think he wants to get on my good side before playoff baseball and the potential return of one of the world’s most diabolical trolls, Pinstripe Dan. Sorry Hubbs, Pinstripe Dan doesn’t answer to any man, he shows up whenever he feels like it.

Anyway this is my first blog back, I’ll try to write more when I have a second of free time. So here’s a random brain dump.

- Russell Wilson stinks. I think I’m at the point where I’m just going to say he went to NC State not Wisconsin. Even though his year with the Badgers was one of my favorite teams to watch, he sucks now, and I don’t think it’s a blip, I think he just sucks.

-I ate roughly 30 twizzlers last night. For some reason I don’t consider twizzlers a Candy, more a snack. This might be why I struggle with my weight

-I’m starting to love Tennessee -2.5 tomorrow. Not official but it’s ruminating.

-I think I’m going to start wearing Flannels again. They’re comfortable and make it look like I’m not a complete slob

-I’m going to miss Stu Feiner when he retires. I love him. My guess is he’s gone forever by the end of November

-The Bears may win Sunday. If they do please credit me, If they don’t I will stress the word “may” in the previous sentence.

-TJ just told me Kelsey Grammar might be at the Rutgers game tonight. I never watched Frasier but I did watch Real Housewives and his wife was hot.

-Speaking of Frasier. Todd Frazier will also be there, that’s kind of cool.

-Jersey Jerry has a Mega Max Play on Sunday. Over in Bills/Steelers. I will be coming in his hole and putting a mega max play on it.

-My son’s new thing is to tell me “dad I don’t want to give you a hard time”, then proceeds to give me a very hard time. Apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.

-I’m done ruminating. Add Tennessee -2.5 to my card.

That’s the blog. Talk soon.

-Big Cat