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Jake Paul Offers Draymond Green $10 Million To Get In The Ring After Claiming He Would "Drop Him In The First Round"

Source - Draymond Green proved he can throw a mean punch ... and Jake Paul's already drooling over the Warriors star's potential -- saying he'd pay $10 MILLION to get the 4-time champ in the boxing ring ASAP.

TMZ Sports obtained video of 32-year-old Green knocking teammate Jordan Poole to the ground after a heated back-and-forth during practice on Wednesday.

The Video: 

Paul clearly saw the footage ... and on Friday, he said he'd pay top dollar to see 6'6", 230 lb. Green to pick up a new sport.

The tweets: 

This is why I love Jake Paul - because he takes something that has nothing to do with him and somehow makes himself the center of attention. Draymond Green got in a scuffle at practice? Jake Paul dominates the headlines. It's PR 101 and it's why he and his brother have been so successful. They understand the value of a publicity. Having said that, if Jake and Draymond were to fight right now, Jake would win. I'm aware that's a hot take but it's true. Yes Draymond is a professional athlete and yes he threw a (singular) punch at Jordan Poole, but as far as I know he doesn't know how to fight. At least not in a ring. Jake seems to agree…




Regardless, it's gonna take a lot more than $10 million to get old DG to throw hands in a professional setting. Especially considering he'll earn $25.8 million this season and $27.6 million next year if he opts into his contract. The risk simply isn't worth the reward. Thanks for the headline though, Jake. Can't wait to see who you fight next. Have a lovely Friday.