'The Challenge Doc' Finally Gave Us Unseen Footage Of The Most Bizarre Moment In Reality TV - Julie Trying To Unlock Veronica's Harness

I still can't believe this happened. It's been about 20 years and this is still by far the most bizarre moment in reality TV. Julie just straight up trying to unlock Veronica's harness while dangling in the air. Shit it even gave her the nickname 'The Murdering Mormon' which honestly should be a BYU linebacker at some point. Sick nickname. 

But this is about that moment. This is about the Challenge doc which was a delight to watch. Honestly we need more of it and preferably in the summer. Don't jam it in during the middle of football season. Really I'm just glad that 1) we got some unseen footage: 


And that we got Julie sitting down on the doc to deny it: 

The entire doc was fascinating since we got some behind the scenes look at how it was built, moments, thoughts, etc. But this is the one moment that will always stick out as bizarre. CT backpacking Bananas is the one that everyone knows, but this is the bizarre one. Reality TV was fucking different back then man. It's why I got into the show and still watch it. 

I do believe in doing anything for a win but I draw a line at potential death. Just me though. Injury? I'll think about it, but ripping off the harness, no thank you. Then again I'm terrified of heights so I'd be shitting on people like a bird up there anyways. 

Check out Bananas talking about the show here recently: