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WATCH: A Video Leaked Of Draymond Punching Jordan Poole At Practice And Holy Shit It's A Brutal Haymaker

God damn that's a brutal punch. Draymond caught it clean. 

The whole report was that Poole had been a little bit of a shithead I guess because he wanted more money? 

Now that's not worth getting clocked like that. Again, teammates fight all the time but that's a clean ass punch. That's a Rough n Rowdy type punch. There's one with some anger there. I didn't think Draymond caught him that clean when the story first came out. I figured it was a punch but Draymond leaned into that shit. Looked like Roman Reigns hitting a Superman punch. 

I know everyone is going to freak out but again, Draymond got some disciplinary action and the Warriors will move on. The bigger question is what will happen during the year. We getting some KD/Draymond drama part 2 again just with Poole as KD here? And no the Warriors aren't moving on from Draymond. Steph still loves him. That's what matters. 

I need to know who leaked this and why? It's gotta be someone who really doesn't like Draymond. Usually this shit is kept in house. I want to know how this got out and who TMZ went to. Need that guy to start leaking shit over here. Solve some issues right away with leaked videos. 

But my God that's a clean punch.