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Introducing Frank The Tank Mets Live Stream Bingo

I know baseball is not the most popular for everyone. It's pretty evident America's pastime has fallen behind the times if you will. For a long time they refused to let their players have personalities that young fans could connect with , have blocked growing on social media platforms with highlights etc unless its the handful of accounts they approve, somehow listened more to older fans that younger fans, and just straight up do stupid things. It's no surprise that The NFL , who once used to allow MLB preference on Sunday Nights for the World Series and actually didn't schedule a football game during one week, has now realized they are so much bigger and better than the MLB, that they hold first preference in terms of scheduling. If you told that to someone in 1975,1985,or 1995 I feel like they wouldn't ever believe you. Times change. 

I still love baseball . I would 100% list it in my Top 5 of sports I'm still allowed to talk to at this company, now that I have been abolished from talking College Basketball. 


Playoff baseball is a different animal, and I think it's awesome. However, I know some people don't feel the same, so I figured with us being a gambling company (despite what Bald Paul with an Agenda chooses to push on the main pages) , most people would still want some action on the games tonight even if they aren't watching baseball . So I introduce Frank the Tank Mets Stream Bingo. 

You can play it as traditional bingo, or decide you'll keep playing until you "black out" the entire board (in an unrelated story, another Mets fan on the stream tonight has mentioned anything involving blacking out is his favorite activity). Either way, Frank is an electric factory on the streams, so feel free to play along as you watch. Link 

We'll be live on The Barstool Sportsbook Youtube Page for first pitch.