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Power Ranking Doogs' Blog Ideas For Rico Bosco And Breaking Down His Ability To Be A Blog Buddy

In case you missed this week's Pick Em, Doogs decided he would be Rico's blog buddy. I love it. I thought about writing different sorts of blogs after listening to the episode. Maybe an ode to blogging, maybe an ode to surviving cube life hell and getting out of it. Things like that where more people could relate, especially since I'm one of the few people here that spent years in the cubes before this. Maybe I'd power rank who would be best blog buddies but I'm pretty sure we shouldn't rank people. Seems like a safe thing to do. 

So instead I saw my guy Doogs on Twitter yesterday going crazy. 

It started with this. Blog idea. I love it. We all need blog buddies. But I never expected Doogs to be the guy for Rico. I've been in a group text with these two and I gotta admit I had Doogs at about 128th on the list of power ranking blog buddies. That's on me. That's why I decided to write this (also it's called Blogging 101. Take something going on in the company and just make a joke of it.) 

So I decided to power rank all of Doogs' blogs ideas. He has plenty! 


Aggressive, could be funny. Fuck the Yankees though. Anything with them is last on my list, especially anything positive. I don't care if it's Mickey Mantle or anyone who put on pinstripes. I hate them, last place. Also this Mickey Mantle story has been blogged no fewer than 15 times during my tenure at Barstool. Dumb idea, Doogs.


Maybe a little too niche for some, but could be good. Rico fucking loves CYO ball and that's what matters. Write what you care about - like Francis does about Frankie. Give me a full breakdown of CYO basketball in Staten Island.Power rank teams, jerseys, mascots, anything. People love lists. 


Football blogs always play. Pageviews help. Blog security is job security. Now combine the ability to market Barstool Sportsbook and it's perfect. That said, those blogs can be difficult. Gotta come up with a headline that people care about and well, I'm not touching the headline game. Let's move on. 


I LOVE this idea. I'm fascinated by burners and the backstory behind them all. Get personal with it and tell me why you feel the need to have one. Is it to look at porn? I won't judge. Is it to make fun of other people? Interview Hank and really go all in on it. How do you come up with a burner name? I feel like I would go nostalgia and just use an old AIM name or something. Nobody will never know it's me with UK in it somewhere. 


I'm ranking this first for the sole reason that I blog this shit every year. Good luck beating me to a college basketball blog anyone that's trying to start blogging. Now that I think about today is a good day to release a futures blog. 

Breaking down Doogs as a blog buddy

I gotta admit I'm impressed with Doogs so far. The same guy who sounds like this: 

And then becomes the most polished man in America when talking about Dayton basketball. The man is apparently full of ideas. If you can impress Dave and Dan with the buddy system idea then I have no choice but to listen. Big Cat put it perfectly that blogging is basically taking any thought and turning it into something. I've talked to Doogs. The man has … thoughts. I might have to kidnap him and get him back to Ohio just to have him spit out some ideas. 

Bam, Friday blog done. Listen to the show: 

PS: I can't stop watching this