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Big Deal Brewing Is In Ohio, So $EBR Has A Baseball Winner Today!

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If you been living in a dark cave somewhere the last 72 hours then you have missed the 3 announcements for the latest creation from the Spittin' Chiclets Crew, Big Deal Brewing!  The Golden Ale is hitting stores across the country this hockey season, but it's all starting with the "Original Six".

Biz was first with Michigan.

Then $EBR delivered New York.

Third was the Whit who gave us Ohio.

After this announcement the Columbus Blue Jackets came out and won their preseason game 7-0 over the St. Louis Blues and if you think having Big Deal Brewing didn't have a factor in this, then you are a crazy person. So on this theory alone $EBR is taking a swing for the fences on the playoff baseball game!!

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Murls' Best Bet: 

Cleveland Moneyline -127 Barstool Sportsbook

Everybody Rides!!!

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