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Stephen A. Smith Joined Jake Paul And Revealed His Stance On Eating Ass, Hinting That "It's Better To Receive Than It Is To Give"

What started out as a debate over boxing, a breakdown on Jake Paul's next fight vs Anderson Silva, how much UFC fighters should be paid, and Paul's beef with Dana White quickly turned into a debate on ass eating etiquette. I guess that's what happens when you have two of the biggest entertainers on the planet chopping it up for a bit.

Just an all-time clip. It's nice to see Stephen A. go from being a screaming lunatic to the point he would actually entertain the question and lean into it. You would think, especially being at ESPN, he would have buttoned with stuff like that. Very funny stuff for a known very horny man (for a few hours of the day, but I digress).


You gotta figure despite his impending retirement, known ass eater Stu Feiner, is out there smiling. Reminder, Stu picks winners AND eats ass. 

Bonus clip that I remember from the early days of the internet that always made me laugh ... a few dudes went to the NBA Draft back in the day with the sole purpose of heckling Stephen A about eating Cheese Doodles during commercial breaks