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Shaq Says His Next Goal Is To Be Recognized As A Sex Icon

E! Entertainment. Getty Images.


I'm not sure if anybody needed a reminder, but Shaq is the absolute man and completely hysterical. He can do whatever he wants and it always works. He is a movie star, comedian, DJ, NBA superstar. The man just does it all. 

Now he wants to do a underwear ad for Fruit of the Loom with all his sons and you know for a fact we will be seeing that in an ad soon. I am friends with his son Myles so I will get an update on that ASAP.

How the fuck does someone that huge get a six pack? I would be the laziest piece of shit if I was a retired NBA player. Especially being over 7 feet tall. It has to be exhausting to even sleep. I always wondered how people that tall even take a shit. Their legs have to fall asleep so fast it probably takes an hour to get off the bowl. Despite all that, Shaq can still be a sexual icon with a body I don't even understand.

Often on Picks Central we talk about top 5 coolest people in the world. I always say that Snoop Dogg is #1 overall and old ass Brandon always says The Rock. We wont even discuss how bad his answer is. But Shaq has to be on seomwhere that list. 

Shaq also explains in this podcast that he doesn't look at himself as a celebrity because he hates celebrities and the way they handle themselves. HE doesn't really need security, even though in fairness I feel like nobody is going to fuck with a 7 foot, 300+ pounder nicknamed Diesel. 

The best thing about Shaq though is that he can teach you a lesson that actually hits home. Watch this clip of how he didn't talk to Kobe or his dad and then he found out they died. It made me want to call every single person in my contact list and tell them I love them. 


I am crying in the club right now. Stop reading my illiterate blog and go call your parents.