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Victor Wembanyama Backed Up His First Showing In Vegas With An Even MORE Ridiculous Performance Today

Garrett Ellwood. Getty Images.

Remember all the way back to...checks calendar....two days ago when Victor Wembanyama and Scoot Henderson put on quite the show out in Henderson? It was everything that matchup was hyped up to be and more. Both players showed why they are the #1 and #2 prospects in the world right now and why NBA teams are going to tank their faces off for a chance to bring either guy in.

With Wembanyama, it was his first game on US soil and he certainly did not disappoint. Well, what if I told you he was even better today? It was the final game of this little mini series and Wembanyama was even more ridiculous

I mean what is anyone actually supposed to do with stuff like this?

There's a reason LeBron called him an alien the other night, because it's true. He's like if Rudy Gobert had KD's offensive bag and also wasn't hated by the entire league. What he's able to do on the basketball court should not be possible and I know it gets played out to keep saying he breaks your brain while watching him, but how else can you describe this? Every single time we see clips of him play it makes no sense. You would think with maybe a day or two to prepare in between games that the G-League Ignite team would have some sort of plan to slow him down and yet…

This is the guy that Adam Silver doesn't want NBA teams to tank for. 

If I'm SA/IND/OKC/UTA I seriously consider instituting fines for anyone who does anything in a game that helps them win. When you get a prospect like Wembanyama, they don't always live up to the hype. There have been plenty of prospects that had great YouTube highlights and people love, they just don't work out.

But when a prospect does live up to the hype? That's the guy you tank your franchise for. There still may be questions about his frame and all that but everything Wembanyama showed in Vegas this week pretty much confirms what everyone kind of already knew and what I'm sure NBA teams were hoping to see. He's one of those 1 of 1 type guys. Call it a generational talent, call it a basketball alien, it's all the same shit. 

Before the two games Wembanyama set the tone by saying if he wasn't born that Scoot Henderson probably would be the #1 pick. I loved the attitude/cockiness. To then go out and play like he did just shows you that he wasn't kidding. I'm all for talking shit, ESPECIALLY when you immediately go out and back it up. Doing it in the first game was impressive. Going back and being even better in the second game is why he's about as special as special gets.