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Nothing Could Have Prepared Us For How Bad Chris Pratt's Mario Voice Is

This mario brothers movie has been in the works for a while and is has gotten basically nothing but shit from the word go. The Chris Pratt casting when the voice of Mario (Charles Martinet) is still very much around, the reminder of how the live-action movie was one of the worst ever made and just a general hesitation because of the video game movie curse. These are all legitimate issues! In fact, we have made fun of this movie in the womb many times. 

However, NOTHING could have prepared me for how terrible his Mario voice is. Mario is obviously an Italian plumber and already has an outlandish voice. But Pratt going with what sounds like a semi-brooklyn accent impression done by a guy from Tulsa is almost the opposite of that. You just gotta go all in! You can't half ass a voice like Mario's! I'm all for discriminating against Italians, but this may go too far even for me.