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Europa League Match Was Suspended Because Union Berlin Fans Were Launching Goddamn Fireworks At The Opposing Fanbase

Good Lord, what the fuck are we doing here? I understand taunting fanbases. I understand trying to create a hostile homefield advantage. But you can't be launching fireworks all over the place and trying to take people's heads off. Feel like we need to have a sitdown with hooligans over there in Europe. A simple chat where it's like I like the intensity but take it down a notch. No shooting fireworks/flares at other people and on the field. Hold them up so the place looks fucking awesome. Go crazy with chants and all that. But let's chill on trying to send people to the hospital. Just my two cents, I prefer not to have to worry about a firework coming at my head like a beer can at the infield of the Preakness in the mid-2000s. 

I still need to know how so many fireworks and flares get into the stadiums. Feel like there's an easy solution here. Shit, hand them out like we get bucket hats here in America. Make sure you get ones that don't blow up like that on the field. Would be a decent step. Again, call me soft, but I don't think launching fireworks at people makes a sporting event. 

Still wild to see 23 minutes of stoppage time. Don't understand why we don't just stop the clock in soccer in these scenarios. Feels a little bit more normal. Only shock in this match is Jordan Pefok didn't score for Berlin. Bring him to Qatar, Gregg.