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This Girls Night Food Board Video That Is Going Super Viral Is Literal Heaven On Earth

My word! I've always wondered how girls nights went. A bunch of ladies just hanging out watching the Bachelor and drinking wine? Doesn't sound too appetizing to me, but I can't blame 'em all too much when a bunch of guys night are just us morons watching football while consuming a few brews. Either way neither sound to be too wild of a time...that is until I noticed this Tiktok come up on my for you page. What a NIGHT this is! The caption doesn't even do it justice as to just how much we all need to be invited to this food night.

The first course of the night happened to be wings which was interesting although you can easily tell the variety is off the charts along with some boneless options. A+ for all the smart people out there that are on team boneless. A little bit of an odd choice to from savory to sweet with a little debbie board at the beginning of the night but you can NEVER be mad at a little Debbie board...what delectable products. And to keep the contrasts coming you have White Castle followed by a veggie board though I gotta say that White Castle board is a thing of BEAUTY. I don't think everyone is as lucky as me as to have grown up nearby to a White Castle because by golly what a treat to have once every few months.

They wound down with hot dogs, cookies, and candy before the grand finale of TACO BELL and this night just could not get any better. Only problem is that's legit too much food to even think about considering alcohol at. I try to keep it light when I'm consuming some alcohol and that's all simply too much. Yet imagine the leftovers drunk? DON'T EVEN GET ME STARTED.