Would I Smash A Broad In My Parents Bed? + Other Questions From Twitter Followers

That question I will answer... so stay tuned. I decided to throw out a forum for the some of the people on the internet to send me questions. I decided to pick some of them and answer them, weird, good or bad.

The thing is while I'm short, I'm not that short. To be honest, I'm right at the national average for height in this country at 5'8. Sadly, there's not much I can do about it. Breaking my legs and stretching myself to get taller and appeasing you doesn't really appeal to me. It would also hurt. The answer to why is a mystery, my father's side of the family is huge, I'm talking double digit kids and all the boys are tall. My dad is 6'1. I guess I got my mom's genes when it comes to height. Again, out of my control.


I recently revisited this actually so its relevant.  In 11th grade, there were a girl in high school, for this we will call her "Red" because I don't want to dox her. Red was a year behind me. She had red hair, Irish, a body to kill. She was my TOP pick in school, at least for me personally. I sent her a Myspace message, we ended up meeting each other after class, talking, doing what high schoolers do. I would find out she had a boyfriend during a trip to "Sneaker Villa", who was basically kicked out of school and she didn't see him much. I viewed this as a great opening. He didn't treat her good at all and this was my way in. 

Through the next month or so, I basically won her over and we started dating, I fell in love and was smitten but it was a volatile relationship. I was a stupid kid and didn't do the things I should've. We had all sorts of issues, through most of own doing, she ended up not going to prom with me so I didn't go, it was messy. 

Looking back now, throughout the years we maintained contact and would go to dinner occasionally and recently we grabbed a drink to catch up. She has moved on and is happy, is super successful and I sit here fighting it out with all the other saps without a good woman fighting for all the bad ones. That one I'd absolutely take back. Not to be lame.. but take it from someone who knows, if you have a good woman, hold on to her. 

1. Me 

2. Big Ev

3. KIV

4. Walker

5. Dave


I mean I've made no bones about it… I love Richelle Ryan. I'm a big older women guy, I love MILFY cougar types. Also love Nikki Benz, Sara Jay and I mean IDK if she's a porn chick full time, but Lena The Plug is sexy. I have phases….

No. If you answer yes, you have to be one sleazy mother fucker. I am not a heathen and I respect my mom and dad for sure. We all should.  A quick note, I will say this, I'm a big "my bed is sacred ground" kind of guy and most women don't make it to my bed, in fact I can only remember one in my life that was worthy. I have stages, couch or floor is cool but I've yet to find anyone again worthy of getting under the sheets in MY bed.

If I had to guess… Frank Fleming

Nothing will ever top this. Ever. This also was on Christmas Eve.. game started at 2pm EST, so I had to go to Xmas eve dinner after this happened laying 2.5 


Absolutely no shot. I still find it amazing to this day dudes can hit a small little ball going that fast in so many different movements. I will say this… I was however thinking recently about UMass football and their under 40 percent QB completion percentage as a team. (I was researching college football) I do believe if you pulled someone off the street and gave them 10 throws with an offensive line they could find a way to complete four passes. 

I was in Tijuana once. Me and a few friends walked in from San Ysidro and it was a wild few hours. There were several times it got super dicey. I also remember the first time I was ever jumped. A friend of mine set me up, they also stole my car. I eventually went to a kid in the neighborhood I know and he was able to get me the car back pretty quickly. But the two kids that jumped me, the one kid hit me so hard in the back of the head. I felt that for awhile. I feel like if that would've happened now in Philly, it could've been much worse. 


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