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The Bulls Would Still Be In A Cycle Of Sucking If The Lakers Weren't Complete Idiots

This little clip sent a shiver down my spine. An alternate universe where Demar goes home to LA to play with Lebron and AD. In that scenario, what are the Bulls left with? Do they get Russ? Do they get another lottery pick because who knows where the 2021-22 Bulls end up without DeRozan? 

As good as Lavine was, the team MVP was obviously Demar last year. A veteran guy who was a walking bucket. Throwback midrange guy who complimented everyone else's game and brought leadership and professionalism to the Bulls that they probably hadn't had since Noah's prime. The Bulls finished the season in a disappointing fashion because everyone was hurt, but Demar gave them an identity and gave us hope. 

The Bulls future and how we feel about AK, Donovan, and the direction are completely different if Demar goes to LA. Who knows if Lavine even resigns if he had to play last season basically alone. The Bulls would be right in the mix of the Chicago suck with the Cubs, Sox, Hawks, and Bears if the Lakers didn't fuck up the summer of '21 by trading for Westbrook instead of bringing in Demar. 

I am not the biggest NBA guy, but the Bulls made basketball fun last winter when they were firing on all cylinders. We are going to need them now more than ever and with Lonzo being out for God knows how long the Bulls will have to lean on their big guns even more. Thank god for Demar.