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See Up Close What It's Like To Tear An ACL In An NFL Game

Jason Behnken. Shutterstock Images.

Chris Godwin tore his ACL last season on December 19, 2021 vs. the Saints. It was a brutal injury, but watching on TV you don't get a good feel about exactly how fast everything happens. Within 4 seconds of the ball being snapped he's on the ground in pain. Not even eight seconds later the team's medical team is out there asking what the injury is/where it hurts. It's truly a shocking look at how fragile life as an NFL player is. 

Godwin got surgery shortly thereafter and worked hard all off-season to get back and made his return in Week 1. As a fan, you tend to take for granted just how hard it is for world class level athletes to get back to their pre-injury form. In this clip, Chris Godwin says he basically had to learn to walk again. It's part of a very interesting Hard Knocks style series called In The Current which follows the Buccaneers around all season long and gives fans a unique behind the scenes look at the squad. Episode 1 dropped last night and is a great watch for any football fan.