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New York Rangers Coach Gerard Gallant Ripping Some Smelling Salts On The Bench With The Boys Is A Beautiful Sight

That right there is a coach who is looking to get WIRED this season. Buddy just wants to get in one with the boys, even if he can't really handle it. 

It's like giving your grandpa a hit off the weed pen. He'll say something about how back in his day they were smoking that sweet, sweet chiba every day and he can handle your fruity little vapor the kids are smoking these days. Then he takes a hit and all of a sudden he realizes he was wildly unprepared. This shit is drastically different. 

You can see it in Lafreniere's eyes. He's thinking to himself, "you sure about this, old man?". But he takes it like a champ, though. That's the type of guy who players can get down with playing for. I'm not saying getting all hopped up on smelling salts before every game is going to make Gerard Gallant the 2023 Jack Adams Award winner, but I'm also not not saying it either. 


P.S. -- Speaking of folks getting fired up at the Rangers game last night, we had these two love birds deciding to get married to each other on the jumbotron. 

I've been seeing people giving them a lot of guff online about proposing during a preseason game. I've also been seeing plenty of guff about jumbotron proposals in general. Two things on that. 1) I hate guff. 2) Imagine a world where everybody just let everybody else be happy about shit. What if they got engaged last night because the date 10/5 means something to them? Or what if they just didn't want to shell out the money for regular season tickets while my man is already shelling out all that money for a ring? I think society has gone so far against jumbotron proposals over the last few years that it has swung me all the way in on them. Let people be happy 2023.