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The Legendary Computer Game "Oregon Trail" Is Being Made Into A Movie Musical. Wait, What?

Variety-  A musical adaptation of the classic computer game “The Oregon Trail” is in the works from the team behind “Lyle, Lyle, Crocodile.” In an interview with Collider, filmmakers Will Speck and Josh Gordon shared that they have been collaborating with their “Lyle, Lyle” songwriting team Pasek and Paul (Benj Pasek and Justin Paul), working to crack a darkly comedic musical version of the video game.

Although no studio is currently attached, the group shared that it has obtained the rights to “The Oregon Trail.” The report states that the project is in “active development.”

I would like to sincerely thank Hollywood for once again sucking on the nostalgia teet that is constantly overflowing with old ideas that make me feel warm and fuzzy inside like when I was a baby sucking on my mom's teet.

Okay, that was a weird way to start a blog. But you must forgive me because I didn't think I'd be finding out that an Oregon Trail movie was in the works in the Year of Our Lord 2022 or an Oregon Trail movie pretty much anytime after 2002. Excuse me, this is going to be an Oregon Trail MUSICAL, which is perfect since I always wondered what melody someone suffering from dysentery sounded like since it is the most musical of diseases.

In all seriousness, I love the idea of this because there are so many great parts of Oregon Trail that could thrive on the big screen. The clear difference in life difficulty between the Banker From Boston and the Farmer From Illinois. Seeing half your family drown because you don't know the difference between fording a river or caulking a river (usually mispronounced as chalking the river). And of course the ridiculous tombstones that would always make you laugh in computer class since it was the one time you could write some foul shit without the teacher knowing.

Oh yeah and there should be a 5 minute scene of nothing but hunting since that's what 90s kids did when they just wanted to have some mindless fun. Slaughtering an entire herd of buffalo was fun as fuck even if you could only carry 100 pounds of meat back to the wagon. It's hard enough to find a movie that parents and kids can both enjoy but I'll definitely be lugging my little ones to this since it reminds me of a time when I was their age and everything in life seemed awesome.

Obligatory post to KFC's incredible Oregon Trail blog that is so old it now has the wrong thumbnail and like every picture in it is broken:

As well as the video of KFC, Kate, Frank The Tank, and myself all doing an Oregon Trail live stream on Gametimewith MRags a few years ago that was fun as fuck: