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Will Levis Is Randomly In A Walking Boot And Might Not Play This Weekend. I Feel Bad For Him. I Feel Bad For Us.

Oh boo hoo you have to read a Kentucky football blog. That's what happens when Kentucky is consistently a ranked team and playing games that matter. Well it also matters when we have a projected 1st round quarterback who is now randomly injured. What the fuck man? I didn't live through Joker Phillips to deal with this. I didn't go to noon games during a 3-8 year in 2005 to not have this happen. 

I'm not blind. I never thought Will Levis is better than CJ Stroud or Bryce Young when you're talking about NFL Draft prospects. That's just silly talk and people trying to against the norm. But he is what Kentucky needs. Yes, he had an AWFUL fumble while rushing for a first down last week and then didn't wait the half second for a WR to get set in motion. But he is what Kentucky needs at quarterback. Can get the ball to Dane Key/Barion Brown/Tayvion Robinson who are are all awesome, manage a game and typically doesn't make the disaster mistake. It's why they won 10 games last year. It's why they were/are on pace for that again this year. 

So yeah, I feel bad for us. We own South Carolina under Stoops. We're a better program, better team, everything. We get them at home and have a great chance to shake off that Ole Miss loss and get shit right again. We suffered through some dark days for finally having a team where we're pissed we lost on the road to a top-15 team. 

I feel bad for Levis who has stayed a projected 1st rounder (unlike Tyler Van Dyke who I was screamed at for saying he was fine, not a lock). Dude wants to get out there and play. 

The line already dropped to Kentucky -6.5 That's a HUGE drop from UK -11. That sounds like questionable is more like doubtful. We deserve a healthy Levis.