Erling Haaland Is A Damn Alien And It Should Be Illegal For Him To Be On Manchester City

Alright that's not enough out of this guy. All he does is score and I'm sick of it. I'm sick of watching him put on that sky blue and score immediately. It should be illegal for Man City to have him and Kevin De Bruyne. You have arguably the two best players in the world - at least on the shortlist of the conversation. I don't know how because it's not like there's a salary cap or transfer rules forbidding it from happening, but it's disgusting. 

Today it took less than 7 minutes for him to score. It wasn't even like he tried *that* hard. He just played some soccer and scored. That's what makes it even more ridiculous how good he is. He has absurd looking goals but then he has this. Just a touch, shot, back of the net. 

Here's the thing I don't even know how to stop him. It's not like I don't understand the game, I've played my entire life including a good stretch of it in the defensive side. The man is 6'4" can finish in the air, can finish with a soft touch or just rocket one. He's currently the ultimate goal scorer. You almost feel like you're down 1-0 playing Man City just because he's out there. 

I'm sick of it. I'm sick of Man City winning. I'm sick of them getting the legendary players. It's gotta be illegal somehow, someway.

Of course he scored again after I wrote all this.