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How Far is Patrick Mahomes Willing to Go to Match Tom Brady's Success?!?!?

News broke about Tom Brady and Gisele both hiring divorce lawyers yesterday. It became the major story of the day instantly as divorces between famous people are prone to do.

Late in the afternoon, I got a DM from a friend with this meme of Tom Brady and Patrick Mahomes that I thought was hilarious. Mahomes wife Brittany is widely disliked on social media to put it mildly. Mahomes being jealous of the divorce over the 7 Super Bowl Rings cracks me up.

Well apparently I was not alone in laughing. This tweet went LITERALLY VIRAL. 64,300 Likes..... WHAT THE HELL?!?!? I have never had over 20,000 before. This is banana land!

There seems to be a large amount of empathy for Patrick Mahomes marital situation. How committed is he to winning 7 rings like Brady? Should he divorce Brittany?!?!? 

At least the man has millions of dollars, a rocket of a right arm and an amazing voice. He should be just fine.......