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The Protestor That Bobby Wagner Tackled To Hell During Monday Night Football Has Filed A Police Report For "Brutal Assault"

TMZ- The fan who was leveled by Bobby Wagner after running onto the field during "Monday Night Football" this week has now filed a police report over the incident ... TMZ Sports has learned. The man went to the Santa Clara Police Dept. on Tuesday following the Rams vs. 49ers game, cops tell us, and filed the report. A spokesperson did not reveal any further details.

A rep for Direct Action Everywhere -- the org. that took credit for the wild scene at Levi's Stadium -- told us the report stems from a "blatant assault" by two Rams players.

I swear to God we used to be a proper country. I'm not sure when everything went to shit. But a protestor that ran onto a field like a lunatic with pink smoke coming out of his ass in what appeared to be the worst gender reveal ever filing a police report because someone who doesn't know what the fuck he is about to do politely knocked him down so security can get him before any sniper does is so goddamn wrong. George Washington and Benjamin Franklin must be doing somersaults right now after seeing someone in the country they helped build tried to frame this as some sort of police matter.

While we are filing police reports against Bobby Wagner, maybe Jeff Wilson Jr. and Deebo Samuel can do the same for being tackled with ferocity by Wagner. Who cares that they knew what they were getting into when they threw their pads on just like this guy knew what was up when he put a pink smoke bomb up his ass then started running in circles? Everything about that Wagner tackle was by the book, so even Goodell can't touch his pockets. 

The real people that should be filing charges should be the people at home that had their hearts stolen by Elisha Nelson Manning as he reacted to all of this in real time.

What an absolute delight in every sense of the word. It's nice to know that even in a world full of pink assholes (the figurative kind, not the literal kind) looking to file silly police charges, there is one Eli Manning that make this world a better place.

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