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WATCH: Chik-Fil-A Employee Gets Fired For Appearing To Spit In The Chicken Batter

ABC News: “We have been made aware of a video circulating on social media depicting behavior of a Team Member that is completely unacceptable. We have identified the Team Member, as well as the one filming, and have terminated employment effective immediately,”

When I first watched this video, I just thought this was a couple of guys just fucking around pretending to motorboat chickens. Yeah you probably shouldn't incriminate yourself by posting this video online and your mouth anywhere near the batter but it didn't look like he actually spit in it. This is the problem with tik tok now because people go viral as shit, especially Subway employees. It is actually an amazing watch, the beautiful art to how a sandwich is made at the best establishment in the world is must see. 

This is a nightmare for Chik Fila though because all of their employees are always deemed as the nicest people in the world. If he said have a blessed day after this, I feel like they are obligated to keep him employed. 

I feel like people are jumping to conclusions on these spit videos. The Harry Styles video wasn't even close to spitting and this was for sure not spitting at all either. We need instant replay just like the NFL, these employees should have a challenge flag and send it to an unbiased third party. You review the tape know nothing about the situation and in this case a simple yes or no if the man was spitting. I think after reviewing the tape it would come back as a reversed call and call it for motor-boating. Still a penalty but you have to get the call on the field right because spitting sounds so much worse than motor-boating. 

I actually never want to se or hear about anything that happens in a fast food kitchen because I love them too much. They can also survive anything. Remember when Taco bell had an E-Coli breakout and they shut down? I think I was the first car in line when they opened back up so I don't give a shit.