Rate Lebron James' Golf Swing (SPOILER: It Is Dog Shit)

This just ruins my theory on athletes because that was the saddest thing I have ever seen. If you ever tune into the Skip Bayless show where the pretty much argue who is the goat every single show between Jordan and LeBron...the discussion is over. We get it, they are both really good at basketball but lets see them in other sports. Golf takes a lot of skill and Jordan gambles like a mad man on it along with being pretty good. LeBron should have never put himself in this position to be seen because this makes me think less of him as a basketball player. 

I will give him some credit because can see that he saw this person recording. But LeBron's entire life has been recorded since he was a teenager. LeBron is getting recorded even if he is just leaving the house to get some Cinnamon Toast Crunch, so he should be used to it. 

However his swing is the biggest joke of all time. The only excuse I can see is that his shoulders are so god damn big, they don't move like they should If I was the best player at a sport, you would see me doing nothing else on video besides that sport. 

I want Max Homa to break down this swing like he does to Twitter trolls because LeBron even looks upset with himself. I might be looking into this way too much, but I am betting the Lakers to miss the playoffs now. Year 20 is a joke now because he is trying to pick up his retirement sport. We all know once Bronny Jr. gets to the league he will play 1 year with him and then try out some golf. I know LeBron wants to play golf with me but I'll pass because I am not waiting for that dog shit hit every hole.