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Former Alabama QB Blake Barnett Cooked Up And Served 100+ Free BBQ Meals For People Impacted By Hurricane Ian This Week

Blake Barnett originally made a name for himself playing college football. He started off at the University of Alabama, but then a kid by the name of Jalen Hurts came around. So from Alabama he went to Arizona State for a season, and from Arizona State he ended his college football career at South Florida. 

He's since stayed in South Florida and over the last few years, he's been making another name for himself cooking up some BBQ. I try my best to not say there's one true way of doing barbecue, but Blake is doing it the right way on a horizontal offset. 

So with the hurricane that just tore through South Florida, Blake was fortunate enough where his home went relatively unscathed. Some folks weren't quite as lucky. Either their homes were damaged, they lost power, or maybe they were just first responders who had been putting in a ridiculous amount of work to help out the community. Either way, there were people in the Fort Myers community who could use a hot meal, and that's what Blake Barnett does best these days. 

A lot of time and a lot of love goes into cooking BBQ. It's great to see a guy like Blake Barnett donate all that time and love to a community that could definitely use it. 

Great work by everybody involved there. And if anybody reading this ever finds themselves in the Fort Myers area, make sure to see if he's cooking anything up that weekend because I don't think you'll be able to find better barbecue in Florida. Who else is doing pastrami beef ribs like this?