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Soccer Tough: Player In England Is Missing Matches After Suffering A Gruesome Injury. Wait. Nope. He Hurt Himself Sitting Down To Play PS5

[Source] - League Two star Courtney Baker-Richardson was ruled out of Crewe Alexandra's trip to Carlisle United on Saturday (October 1st) after suffering a freak injury while playing on his Xbox.

The Railwaymen's top goalscorer, 26, has rattled in seven goals since the start of the 2022/23 campaign but was unable to add to his tally when Alex Morris' men made the 150-mile trip north to Brunton Park.

Baker-Richardson suffered a bizarre injury to his hip muscle in the build-up to the mid-table battle. But, rather than sustaining the problem on the training field or during a match, the forward tweaked his hip injury when sat down playing video games on his games console.

I read this story and basically sounded exactly like Frank in It's Always Sunny by letting out a god damnit. Why? Because this doesn't help the stereotype! This doesn't help me arguing that soccer players aren't all gigantic pussies. But suffering an injury sitting down to play Xbox? Come on. Freak injuries like this are typically saved for baseball. It's up there with Sammy Sosa injuring himself sneezing, Joba Chamberlain jumping on a trampoline and Joel Zumaya hurting himself playing Guitar Hero.

At least he had a great tweet about it: 

Clarified what game it was and more importantly it was a PS5. Lucky. I've never been an Xbox guy so it's good to know that Courtney Baker-Richardson is also team PlayStation here. Shocking he wasn't playing FIFA. If I was a pro athlete I'd play the shit out of my own games. He's a grown ass man! I like to think that's the new Mike Gundy I'm 40 rant. In my head it is and I will be saying that all the time. 

There's only one thing left to do here. Work this all out for a free chair and an endorsement deal. Turn around an injury that has you out at least one match and get something free out of it. Big brain thinking.