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Soccer Player Drills A Damn Backflip Penalty Kick, Goalie Should Be Forced To Retire On The Spot

What is this sorcery? I mean, okay, Tony Hawk out there doing this? I understand. TJ Lavin doing it? Completely get it. But this dude waiting 4 years to hit it a second time? Get him on the national team. Get him playing somewhere good. Also make sure this goalie quits on the spot. You can't give up the backflip penalty, let alone not even come close to stopping it. 

I know that penalty kicks are beyond difficult to stop. I'm not breaking news here. But you gotta be prepared for a backflip PK. Maybe I should have added that to my arsenal during my playing days. Would have worked out better than the time I drilled one roughly 100 yards over the top of the crossbar. I mean dude drills it to the corner. It's a good PK. I'm just refusing to play goalie again if I give that up. 

You know why? Because the goalie stinks. The PK know this. You think he's waiting 4 years to miss? I don't think so. He could have dribbled that ball dead nuts center and it was going in. He threw in a backflip for shits and giggles. And the goalie did NOTHING. If you're not going to immediately throw fists over this, you have to quit. No other option.