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What Should The Punishment Be For A 41 Year Old Man Who Reportedly Puts On A Helmet, Runs Onto The Field, And Tackles A 9 Year Old?

The report said on Sept. 20, the nine-year-old football players were doing a one-on-one tackling scrimmage when one child was matched up with the victim. During the tackling scrimmage, the victim overpowered the other child and the child started crying. Taylor allegedly immediately ran out to the football field and was angry due to the child crying.

Taylor then got the child’s helmet, placed it on his head and then got in a kneeling stance in front of the victim, according to the arrest report. Allegedly, Taylor then ran and struck the victim in the chest area with the football helmet on his head.

So if I'm reading this correctly, this guys son got manhandled in a one-on-one tacking drill at youth football practice, and he couldn't just sit by and watch. He took matters into his own hands, put on a helmet (safety first), forcefully inserted himself into the same drill against that 9 year old, and then tackled the kid.

Apparently the legal system has decided that the appropriate disciplinary action for this type of activity is charges for disorderly conduct and cruelty towards a child, however I feel that this is one of the million instances of misbehavior each year that should be settled in the Court of Public Opinion. My suggestion? That little 9 year old that got tackled should get to choose his favorite NFL player to do the Oklahoma Drill with this asshole. My short list of recommendations would include:

#1: Aaron Donald


#2: Myles Garrett (when healthy, with a helmet in hand)

I honestly don't think this guy needs to do any time behind bars or even take any behavior classes to become changed. I think he will get the picture after about 5 minutes of football practice. I want the old school drill, too. Laying down on their backs, head to head, get up on the whistle, and first one up gets first crack at the other. Or better yet, how about a little Bull in the Ring? Friday Night Lights style.

Have Von Miller, Khalil Mack, Jamal Adams, the Bosa Brothers, and Jadeveon Clowney circle up and maybe go twice around, I think he'll see why what he did was wrong.