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You Have To Respect The Fan Who Jumped Out Of The Stands To Try and Grab Aaron Judge's 62nd Home Run Ball


My mind raced with thoughts when I saw this fan jump from the stands to try and catch Judge's 62nd blast. At first I thought he was just falling after a failed attempt at snagging the homer, which landed a good 15 feet away from him. Did we just watch another Rangers fan incident with a ball in the left field stands aka the Josh Hamilton ball toss. Certainly don't need that shit to takeaway from the historic moment. And yes it was historic, don't give a fuck what the miserable haters have to say as they ignore greatness. 

Then it dawned on me that his plan was to jump into that gap area between the seats and the fence in the event the ball landed short of the seats or bounced in there from a ricochet. Actually genius. It ends up in there you're snagging that baby easily. 

But what If the ball did land in that area and he ended up with it? After thinking about it for a second there's no way he would have ended up with the ball right? You break the rules of the stadium and trespass like that then there's no way they let you keep that ball. The drama behind that situation would have been crazy though. We're talking a prized possession that's worth $2 million+ here. It's well worth a jump from the stands if it means you get your hands on it. Maybe you grab it and toss it to your buddy in the seats real quick before you get taken away by security? Unfortunately for this guy, the ball landed in someone else's glove, along with a virtual winning lotto ticket. As for our adventure man? 

No injury, but a quick exit out of the stadium before any out was recorded. Tough. Still, full respect for the effort despite coming up short. Would have been a helluva move if it worked out. 

At least it wasn't this fucking guy who ended up with the ball