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Steeve Ho You Fat - A Real Name - Is The Only Man In The World Who Could Steal The Show From Victor Wembanyama vs Scoot Henderson

All eyes in the basketball world are on Victor vs Scoot tonight. Makes sense, Victor is the best prospect the NBA Draft has seen in years. Scoot is a pretty damn good No. 2 prospect. But they don't have the 'it' factor. The it factor being named Steeve Ho You Fat. Everything about it is perfect. The extra e in Steve. The fact he's a 34 year old playing with Victor. The fact he's a power forward, it all checks out. Steeve Ho You Fat is everything he should be. He's perfect. He's the guy I want in the NBA, even as a 34-year old. Not Victor. Not Scoot. Well, they can be there too. But I need Steeve Ho You Fat dapping up Adam Silver in June. 

The best is going to his Wikipedia. I wanted a quick synopsis on the man. Is this his real name? Of course it is. I refuse to believe anything otherwise. But this is his Wikipedia:

A true man of mystery. His teams are listed but nothing else. I need to know if he has siblings because Steeve Ho You Fat is as strong of a name as you'll ever see. Better than Velvet Milkman. Better than Cassius Clay. Better than Scientific and Majestic Mapp. He makes God Shammgod look weak. I never thought I'd say that but that's where we are with Ho You Fat. 

And everyone is crazy if he doesn't instantly start selling jerseys. You thought He Hate Me was cool? Ho You Fat is an all-time jersey. So congrats Steeve. You won the night. You overshadowed the No. 1 vs No. 2 prospect. I didn't think it was possible but I wasn't up to date on Steeve Ho You Fat.