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Joey Votto Was Thisssssss Close To Having To Buy A Random Reds Fan A Truck

Joey Votto is a man of the people, we've talked about this. But is latest stunt almost backfired on him in a big way. On the Reds' broadcast Tuesday night he was talking about the truck out there in the outfield in Cincinnati and how no one has ever won the truck since he's been there. He then says "If someone hits a home run to the right side this inning I'll buy the truck for the fan." No big deal, prob had some righties up, they won't go opposite field...All he wants is someone to win the truck, he's begging to give out a truck. 

Chuckie Robinson is at the plate and he's batting a cool .105 on the year, of course he slashes one down the line and you can hear the booth get excited, they think it's an opposite field homer.....but it lands foul by 10-15 feet. We were soooooooo close to having to have Joey Votto buy a fan a Toyota Tundra. It would have been a fantastic reaction from the booth if it happened. Votto then walked back his challenge and said it would have to be an older used truck that must have had multiple owners before. Guy knows how to make Reds games fun. Man do I wish we saw it stay fair.