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Thank the fucking lord. I was getting NERVOUS that Judge wasn't going to get there. He was pressing like a motherfucker over the last week and completely out of sorts. Finally he got a hold of one and let it fly and what a moment it was. The most home runs by a Yankee in a season EVER. The most homers in American League history in a single season. And of course the most homers ever by a non-steroid user in a single season. 

I appreciate this fan's effort in case the ball landed short of the stands. Hope to god he's okay. 

There's going to be plenty of assholes trying to dismiss this moment and to that I say fuck you. Piss off and be a miserable person somewhere else. Mostly the KFC's of the world. Pathetic scum who can't appreciate greatness in front of them. 61 is a MASSIVE number in baseball history and for Judge to break it 61 years later is fucking crazy. One of the greatest offensive seasons we've ever seen in the game. I'm not gonna lie I've got a little tear in my eye. My god must that feel good for Judge to get out of the way. Now get him out of the game and rest up for the ALDS. What a season for that man, but the job ain't done.

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