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Chicago Police Held Slipknot At Gunpoint Thinking They Were About To Rob A Jewelry Store

Martin Philbey. Getty Images.

Slipknot frontman Corey Taylor did an AMA on Reddit yesterday to promote the band's new album: 'The End, So Far', and when one user asked about Slipknot having the cops called on them prior to an in-store signing in Chicago in 1999, Taylor confirmed the story and even provided some more detail, adding that the band were held at gunpoint by them over a complete misunderstanding….

In fairness, if you're someone who wasn't familiar with Slipknot in 1999, and you saw that group of maniacs gearing up in masks and jumpsuits in an alleyway behind a jewelry store - you'd probably call the cops too.

I actually interviewed current Slipknot drummer Jay Weinberg (son of the legendary Max Weinberg) last year and it was a really cool chat, check it out if you're into the band at all….