SHOOTERS SHOOT: Dude Leaves Note On The Windshield Of A SMOKE SHOW From "Love Island" Asking Her Out

There's a common internet life trope we've all heard 1,000,000x now. It goes something like this: 

"Shooter's shoot"

Simple as that. If this Shelby Mills chick turns this guy down, she's nothing more than a gold digging, jersey chasing asshole. I mean who says no to a note like this?

That note came from the heart. Class on class on class. He didn't approach her like some crazy fan. He gave her her personal space. Left the ball in her court. Did all the things you want one of the "good guys" to do. It was the exact definition of "chivalry", something women *claim* they're looking for ad nauseam, even if we all know that's bullshit. 

This guy just gets it. Clearly. Any moron can see that when they glance at his perfectly timed, yet still suave-as-can-be use of "shawty"… but he also lets her know he's not into any bullshit. All he wants is to find his person. His life partner. His girl. That's it. Can't find that person if you're not actively looking for that person, even if your version of looking for that person is admitting you're a poor who works 2 jobs on a napkin you scribble incoherent drivel onto and pop on her windshield. 

I don't know you guys, but I'm calling this a masterclass on how to pick up your dream girl. Just leave a note on her car and hope for the best. I'm gonna start trying this. My 91MPH right arm hasn't paid many dividends recently. Girls aren't falling victim to it as much as they used to. 

Also, as an aside - prolly wanna shoot your shot at girls that don't look like this. Just saying. She belongs to the 1% of the 1%, not dudes working a night shift job $15/ hour. No offense. 

Oh, BTW - she has a fully unlocked onlyfans that you can view by clicking here:

Again… no offense. She better at least text this guy and tell him thanks but no thanks.