Super Bowl Champion LeGarrette Blount, Now Retired, Still Loves Punching People On Football Fields. This Time At A Youth Game

This is the ultimate case of a tiger not being able to change his stripes. LeGarrette Blount gets mad and punches people on the football field. That's what he does. He's been doing since the first time anyone ever heard his name

He might be retired from football, but he will never retire from punching people. That is his brand. That is who he is. That is his passion. To be honest though, the video made me sad. Blount barely even connected. Honestly, the guy kind of ducked that punch. Ducked and/or ate and came back for more. That is sad. 10 years ago Blount hit his mark. Father Time is undefeated though and Blount doesn't have the speed that he used to. 

Blount has already apologized and I don't know why, but I believe him. Something about that other guy's face and body language that made me think that he wanted the smoke. That he was the instigator. The type of guy that looks at LeGarrette Blount and says genuinely that "if I were 6'2 I would be in the NFL" and then takes out 20 years of frustration by trying to make his fulfill his own dreams and when that goes south he tries to fight the opposing coach. 

Blount has already apologized


Athletes usually struggle to find themselves after their career is over. Looks like Blount never left. Just doing the same things he's always done. Football and fights.