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Dak Prescott Brings Down The Cowboys And Dallas Should Trade Him

I put this tweet in here because there is a difference in what I am saying. Cooper Rush Should not be the franchise quarterback. That isn't what I am saying. 

I think Dak is very Talented but he hasn't done anything with a Super Bowl talented roster. Yes I get it, he has been hurt. But availability is the best ability and look at the weapons he has had around him. His receivers and running backs were elite. Zeke in his prime was a beast and you had receivers of Amari Cooper, Michael Gallup, CeDee Lamb and other options where he has been set up to win. Lets also not forget that they had the best offensive line for a long time to which is the obvious key to a great offense. I don't even need to deep dive into the defense because the defense has been elite the past couple of years. 

He has had every chance to win as well because this has been the worst the NFC East has been in a long time. He is also 1-3 in the playoffs, so he isn't getting it done in big games either. It is almost like the 49ers. Jimmy G isn't the top QB in the league but in their system he fits perfectly and does exactly what he has to do to win these games. 

I don't want people throwing Dak's stats in my face either. I never said he is a bad QB. He is just a QB that is bringing down a team that is Super Bowl ready. Cooper Rush is doing exactly what he needs to do to win these games and imagine they upgraded a little bit in a game manager type of QB. Please just watch these games with your eyeballs and not numbers.

This might sound crazy but Jared Goff might be that guy. They don't need a playmaker and someone who needs to throw the ball down field all the time. They need someone not to turn the ball over and force things. That is exactly what Cooper Rush is doing right now. You can't even tell me he just beats bad teams either. This week will be a big test against the Rams and could prove my point even further.