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BREAKING: The Deal Is Back On. Elon Musk To Buy Twitter For $54.20/Share

Trading of Twitter shares was halted today after surging by 13 percent in anticipation of Elon Musk closing his $43billion deal to takeover the company. 

On Tuesday morning, Musk wrote to Twitter in a letter, proposing to buy the company for $54.20 a share - his original offer. 

Bloomberg reported on the offer, citing people close to the deal.

Imagine the arrogance, the wonderful arrogance, of a man who looks at a company littered with bots, c-suite Chinese spies, lawsuits, security leaks, a down economy, and says "fuck it, let's roll the dice. Here's $43B"

Must be nice to be able to drop your nuts on the table and buy the app that allows you to do peace proposals for Ukraine on the very app and the very internet with which you provide them. 

It seemed too good to be true, but finally it looks like Elon and twitter are going to get over the goal line with this deal. I don't know what changes are coming for twitter, but instinctively I think having the modern day public square in the hands of a man who has stated that he is a free speech advocate is a good thing. Who knows how flawed this company is exactly. It was apparent that Elon thought it was flawed enough to try and back out at one point, but ultimately he is buying it at the same price he offered back in April even though there's plenty to suggest that it is a rats nest and overpriced. Apparently he still sees the value and the upside even if it is a big remodel project. 

Just in time for the mid-terms. Should be a fun winter on the internet. I hope he makes the internet fun again. I don't know how he can change things to get people to stop hating everyone that thinks differently from them, but that should be the goal. More interaction. Less trolling. Less bots. Find a way to change the algorithm so we don't live in a country where 50% of the country hates the other 50% without ever seeing them or talking to them. 

This is probably the first time ever that I am excited for a change to occur. Can't be worse than it was.