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The New NBA On ESPN Theme Song Just Dropped And It Is Terribllllllllllle

Look, I'm used to watching ESPN create new ways to shoot itself in the foot for no reason at all as they burn Mickey Mouse's unlimited pile of money in Bristol. But I feel like changing their NBA On ESPN song was the least necessary move of all-time. Every time you heard those horns play, you got that big game feeling and could almost see LeBron or Steph Curry in your mind's eye.

That song hit so hard that it even went perfectly over big entrances that weren't the Larry O'Brien trophy or James Harden wearing his pajamas when entering the arena.

The other story I guess is the updated graphics and I have to say, I think I hate the dot in the middle of the zero more than the awful song that will play nonstop.

Again, I'm sure ESPN spent countless hours and dollars to come up with something that is unequivocally worse than what they used to have, like pretty much everything else at The Channel Formerly Known As The Worldwide Leader.

Can everyone just agree to do the right thing and give the NBA On NBC song to whoever is showing a nationally broadcast NBA game? Mike Breen deserves it if nothing else.